Collaborative Intelligence.
Be Human!

It only takes a mail

The encounter

sometimes get lost

From that moment
on a chain reaction
leads to wrong

Beware,disaster may be around the corner

workflows* fail and collaborative working** processes stop.

* "A workflowconsists of a sequence of connected steps. It describes a sequence of operations, integrating a single person?s work, teamwork or staff organization through simple and complex mechanisms."

** "In a collaborative working context, professionals use a consensual working environment which provides the capabilities to share information and exchange views, in order to reach a common understanding"

Seeingthe solution is accepting
a new philosophy.

it takes a new approach
with usthe companywill reach a new level

Bobadilium, rich in collaboration vitamins!

Bobadilium is the imaginary, utopian underwater city where francisco de bobadilla lives since the shipwreck.

Francisco de Bobadilla was a colonial administrator sent to the New World to assist Christopher Columbus, only to find the governor was mismanaging it. Columbus was sent back to Spain in chains.While returning to Europe, Bobadilla convoy was hit by a hurricane and sank.

Ilium is a science fiction novel by Dan Simmons, re-creating the Iliad on a futuristic Earth and Mars.

Users information

Read this carefully

With us, you will

  • Increases collaboration and communication
  • Guide your team towards a new participative workflow
  • Maximize efficiency and productivity

Become an innovative leader and true motivator.

Bobadilium breaks into the company and gets rid of all the wrong processes by causing a Mind-Blowing Shock

The plain truth

Have no fear

There is nothing

you can't change.

Bobadilium prescripts 4 simple steps

1st Brain

Use your
grey matter

Adopt lean thinking and clear processes:reduce waste, production time and costs, improve quality and motivation.

2nd Heart

Who said business has no heart?

Emotion is the most direct medium a human can use: in a changing environment participants will adapt their behaviors to each other and create a bilateral exchange.

3rd Courage

Face the change

Evolved company copes with diversions and new patterns. Having no fear will lead the company to authentic collaboration.

4th Coherence

Sustainable processes learned can now apply naturally within the company.

The carrot and the stick

Technology and process will sweep away wrong convictions.

Here comes true EVOLUTION!

Bobadilium starts slowly, adapting its pace to the client company.
An evolution will happen and the rhythm will change soon enough.
It'll stop as soon as everyone is ready to stand on their own feet.


Collaborative Intelligence

Bobadilium's expertise in collaborative solutions facilitates the implementation of optimized workflows throughout your company.Collective discipline and group intelligence emphasize team efficiency, reduce cost and concur in turning your company's IT tools into effective business instrument.

How? Through:

  • Project management
  • Coaching
  • Development
  • Operating support
  • Training

A correct use means reducing waste, and all those processes and thoughts that stop the company. This is lean thinking: less waste, less production time, less costs, more quality.

Plug and Play Solutions

Bobadilium offers pragmatic simple solutions by developing and installing new technical applications adapted to your needs and budget. Your teams will immediately gain in efficiency and agility with tools easy to understand and fast to apply.

How? Through:

  • Corporate Functions
  • Collaborative Solutions
  • Social Business Solutions
  • Bobadilium's partners solutions
  • Setting up
  • Operating support
  • Project management

Bobadilium reorganizes projects and increase staff competencies in order to improve the quality of the whole production line.

Efficiency Improvement

Bobadilium guides your company through new models of work organization.

Our advices integrate project, change and risk management through an efficient diagnostic of the current situation in order to implement rational new processes and IT solutions for fast and improved ROI.

How? Through:

  • iTechnologies watch
  • Business Intelligence
  • Governance
  • Change Management
  • Executive Interim Management
  • PMO
  • Coaching
  • Training

Bobadilium's expertise also applies to online and remote R&D, technology watch on new collaboration tools (Enterprise Content Management and Collective Intelligence). Intelligence).


Collaboration practice and patterns

  • Online&remote collaborative R&D
  • Permanent technology watch on collaboration tools, edm/ecm, km and collective intelligence
  • Collaborative working methods
  • Frame of references on online collaborative working
  • Maturity model for working practices (cmm) and maturity diagnostics
  • M3 (maturity model matrix) models

Software customization

  • Java
  • .Net
  • Lotus
  • Php
  • IOS Apps
  • OSX
  • Android

Collaborative platforms

  • Google Apps
  • Sharepoint
  • Hyperweek
  • Jive
  • IBM Connections
  • Lotus Notes
  • Confluence

The enlightenment

Now you're self-aware.

Management and markets are a maze, with a mysterious number of external and internal variables.

No-one knows where this path leads.

But a new sense of self is the best tool a company can use to reach blue waters.

Choose a new Business Experience.
Be Human

Want your company to evolve?
It only takes a mail